WWW Wednesday (11/10/21)

Hello readers! I’m back from my break with another WWW Wednesday post. I have been reading a lot this month, including reading one of my favorite books of the year. I’m also prepping for Blogmas, which I think I’m going to do really different compared to 2020. I was going to do a post everyContinue reading “WWW Wednesday (11/10/21)”

WWW Wednesday (10/13/21)

Hello readers! It is that time of week again for a WWW Wednesday. My reading has been very slow this month, but I’m getting through a few books. I think it’s because I am not reading a lot of books I’m enjoying. However, I’m optimistic for the rest of the month. If you don’t know,Continue reading “WWW Wednesday (10/13/21)”

WWW Wednesday (10/6/2021)

Hello readers! It is that time of week again where we catch up on what were reading for the week. I haven’t read much this month so far, but I am hoping to get a ton of reading in the rest of the month. If you don’t know, WWW Wednesday a weekly meme created by TakingContinue reading “WWW Wednesday (10/6/2021)”

WWW Wednesday (August 25, 2021)

Hello readers! Welcome to the last WWW Wednesday of August. This week, I am finishing some series. My last and current read are both the last book in series, which is SOOO nice. I had previously only finished 4 series this year. If you were wondering, I got my COVID test back and I amContinue reading “WWW Wednesday (August 25, 2021)”

WWW Wednesday (August 8, 2021)

Hello readers! I’m finally back from my break. I’m feeling quite refreshed after having a week off. It just makes me feel so much more motivated to write posts and interact with everyone when I get a week off here and there. On a bad note, my husband has COVID. We both had it lastContinue reading “WWW Wednesday (August 8, 2021)”

WWW Wednesday (August 4, 2021)

Hello readers! It’s that time of week again where I catch you all up on what I’ve been reading lately. I’m FINALLY back into reading again like I used to and it feels amazing. I’ve always been the type of reader that starts and finishes books very quickly, and I missed doing it. If youContinue reading “WWW Wednesday (August 4, 2021)”