The End of Year Book Tag

Hello readers! Today I have another bookish tag. I always see people doing this tag, but they always do it way late in the year. The original creator of this tag, Booktuber Ariel Bissett, posted the original in September 2017, so I decided September would be best. The point of this tag is to assessContinue reading “The End of Year Book Tag”

2020 Reading Stats + Wrapping Up My Reading Goals of 2020

Hello readers! I hope everyone is safe and healthy in these crazy times. Today I am wrapping up my reading stats for 2020 and then talking about how I did on my reading goals in 2020. My reading was better than ever in 2020 in many ways, but I didn’t hit all my goals. ThisContinue reading “2020 Reading Stats + Wrapping Up My Reading Goals of 2020”

2021 Reading Goals: Blogmas Day 9

Hello readers and welcome back to Blogmas! It is day 9, and today we are going to discuss my reading goals for 2021. Some of these might change over the course of the next month, but most of them are solid. One of my favorite aspects of reading is setting reading goals and tracking themContinue reading “2021 Reading Goals: Blogmas Day 9”