Auto Buy Authors + An Announcement

Hello readers! Today I wanted to make a fun list of 6 auto buy authors. These are authors I would buy or read anything they write, without even knowing what it is about. These are authors that I have loved books by before and just know I will most likely love whatever they write inContinue reading “Auto Buy Authors + An Announcement”

Fall New Releases

Hello readers! In today’s post, we are going over the new releases that come out this fall that I’m excited to get to! Most of these I haven’t heard anyone talking about, so I hope to bring you a few you haven’t heard of. Let me know in the comments what new releases you areContinue reading “Fall New Releases”

WWW Wednesday (September 8, 2021)

Hello readers! How has everyone been this month so far? My month has been hectic, but I’m getting reading in here and there! This week I was dropped as an affiliate from Amazon, HOWEVER, I was also FINALLY accepted as an affiliate through From this post on, I will have links for insteadContinue reading “WWW Wednesday (September 8, 2021)”

20 Questions Book Tag

Hello readers! Today I am bringing you all a tag. It’s been almost a month since I posted one, so it’s time for another! I have no idea who originally created this tag. I have searched dozens of blogs and no one else seems to know either. If you know, please let me know andContinue reading “20 Questions Book Tag”

My Entire Physical TBR: September 2021 Update

Hello readers! Today’s post is my entire physical TBR update. If you don’t know, I make a post about all the books I own and haven’t read once every 3 months. This September, I have less books than ever. My TBR is officially lower than it was in January, even if it’s only down byContinue reading “My Entire Physical TBR: September 2021 Update”

30 Books to Read in the 30 Months before I’m 30

Hello readers! This is a post I’ve been working on now for a few months and am really excited to share with you! As of this month, I am 27 1/2, meaning I have 30 months left before I’m 30. I’ve seen some posts where people name 30 books to read before 30, but IContinue reading “30 Books to Read in the 30 Months before I’m 30”

August Wrap Up (2021)

Hello readers! August is finally over. It has been a rough month for me, not for reading, but in general. COVID hit my family pretty hard this month, but we are all back and out of quarantine. Everyone in my house got COVID except me. I was so sure I would get it and IContinue reading “August Wrap Up (2021)”

All the Books I’m Currently Reading

Hello readers! I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while now exposing myself for ALL the books I accidently never finished. This is a list of every book I am in the middle of, would like to finish, but just never did. MOST of these books are ones I OWN. I really haveContinue reading “All the Books I’m Currently Reading”

One Year Blogiversary Post!

Hello readers! How is it going? Today’s post is to celebrate blogging for one year. I posted my 1st post one year ago yesterday. I’m so excited to share this journey with all my readers. I am collaborating on this post with Leaf Pages, who recently celebrated her 1 year blogiversary, too! Please go overContinue reading “One Year Blogiversary Post!”