Auto-Buy Authors

Hello readers! Today I am bringing you a list of 10 of my auto-buy authors. If you don’t know what an auto-buy author is, it is an author you would read or buy anything they released, without even knowing what the books are about.

These are 10 of those types of authors for me. I’m sure I can think of a longer list, so let me know if you would like to see an part 2!

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim there are affiliate links for Better World Books and Amazon in this post.

Alex Gino (they/them)

Gino is my favorite middle grade author. They have written 3 books, and I have read them all. I love Gino’s characters and I think they bring something to middle grade that kids need, and that is LGBT characters.

I discovered Alex Gino from their book George being on the banned books list. George makes it to this list almost every single year because George is a transgender character. That book is number 5 on the 100 most banned books of the previous decade. I enjoy going through the list and reading books on it, and that is what I did for Alex Gino.

Elizabeth Acevedo

I did this thing in 2020 where I read the winners and runner ups for a lot of the Goodreads Choice Awards categories, as a lot of people do. I wanted to read Acevedo’s book With the Fire on High, which is a runner up in the YA fiction category. I read that book and really enjoyed it, then read both of her other books last year as well. I cannot wait for her to publish more work, so I can get my hands on it!

June Hur

I know June Hur only has one book out, but I really enjoyed it, so I want to read more from her! I read her book called Silence of Bones during the Koreadathon in 2020. It was the group book for the readathon and is a mystery book with a historical setting. I really delved into mystery and thriller books in 2020 and found my love for them. This book will also give you a lot of education for Korea, if you are interested.

Jacqueline Woodson

I first read Woodson in late 2020. I read her middle grade book that came out last year called Before the Ever After. It is a story about a kid with a football player as a father. His father suffers from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, also known as CTE, which is a disorder stemming from repeated head trauma. The symptoms are similar to dementia, the father starts to forget things and even entire people in his life, including our MC. If you have seen the movie Concussion, it is similar to that, but in a child’s perspective. This story is absolutely heartbreaking. As football players are predominately black, at almost 70%, this is a disorder that affects black men more than anyone else. Of course, people of other sports get this disorder, too, but it is most common in football players.

In February, I read her book Red at the Bone, which focuses on teen pregnancy and 9/11, and just this month read Brown Girl Dreaming, a non-fiction book that takes place during her child, growing up in the 60s. I am really enjoying making my way through her works, and I have really enjoyed all of them so far. Jacqueline Woodson is an author who has a lot to say, and we as readers should listen.

Lisa Jewell

Jewell is a mystery/thriller author, and probably my favorite one. She leans more toward the mystery side than the thriller side. I read her book last year called Then She Was Gone, and I really loved it. I have since read The Family Upstairs and I Found You. Each time I have read one of her books, I think I guessed the ending in the first chapter, and was horribly wrong by the end. Her books are slow burning, but I do think the payoff is worth it. I do have to say, if you have ANY triggers, make sure to look these books up before reading them, because they contain a lot of them.

Brandon Sanderson

I have currently read 3 books by Sanderson. I am relatively new to the high fantasy genre. I think it was VERY silly of my to read Way of Kings as my first book by him, however, I did love reading it. I tried to join a Stormlight Archive readalong in late 2020. I got Way of Kings on audio, and I really struggled with all the characters and details. The chapters do not tell you which perspective you are in, so by the time I figured it out, I hadn’t payed any attention to the actual story. I probably got around 200 pages in before I quit the audiobook. Later that month, I did end up buying a copy and I read the whole thing! It took me an additional month to get through. The problem is, I was way behind on the readalong by then, so I didn’t read any more of them after.

In January, I joined a readalong for the entire Cosmere. I can’t wait to make it through the Cosmere and read even more from him outside of it! The only books I don’t want to read by him are his sci-fi books. I don’t really like sci-fi that involves space, travel in space, or aliens.

Sophie Kinsella

This is an author I discovered in 2016. I read her YA debut called Finding Audrey. As a person who has Social Anxiety Disorder, it was so nice to see myself in a character. It is not a common disorder shown in books. Since then, I have read almost 10 books by her. I’ve read the first 3 Shopaholic books, Can You Keep a Secret?, I’ve Got Your Number, Undomestic Goddess, My (not so) Perfect Life, and half of Twenties Girl. I love all her books except Twenties Girl. I started that book multiple times and I will finish it one day. It has sort of a paranormal twist, which is unlike all her other books, and I don’t think it really worked for her. However, I own so many more of her books and I want to read all of them!

Jeff Kinney

Kinney is the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, along with the spinoff series following Greg’s best friend Rowley. He has yet to write outside of the DOAWK universe, however, if he ever does, I will be reading it. I have now read 17 books by him, which is the entirety of both his series, except the one that came out a few days ago, which is on its way to me. I’m super excited to see if he will ever branch out of DOAWK, but I won’t be upset if he never does. My daughter is almost 8, and she is currently reading the first book in the series. I just love his series and I will read it to the end.

Stephen King

I guess none my readers would really know that I own around 50 of his books. I don’t add his books to my posts about my entire physical TBR, which will be updated next week. Stephen King is the reason I became a reader. I didn’t like reading as a kid and he made me love reading. I am just painfully aware how much older he is than me, so I don’t want to ever run out of books to read by him. I usually only read a couple each year, and won’t be trying to rush through. However, I will always buy, and eventually read his books.

Seanan Mcguire

I read 5 books by Seanan McGuire in 2020, and I didn’t even actively try to. I really enjoy her books, whether they are by Seanan McGuire or Mira Grant. I am planning on rereading the Wayward children series later this year, and hopefully I can try some more of her books under her pen name. McGuire made me realize I like sci-fi horror, and I can’t wait to read more! I also am a HUGE fan of portal fantasy, so her Wayward children series is perfect for me.

Who are your auto-buy authors? Let me know in the comments!

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